Verfo Lab is the new brand by Verfo SA. More aesthetics, more attention to special needs, more design. Thanks to smart co-operations with industrial designers and the formation of new models, the company sets your daily needs in the foreground.

Urban lifestyle is now depicted on different kinds of living spaces; from the house to the office and other professional spaces and once again to public areas where aesthetics and functionality are required in order to make your life easi- er and just a bit more beautiful.

Verfo, with a long history that dates back in 1956 and with efficient strategies, makes use of design along with all tools attached to this, thus meeting every contemporary need and demand that may arise during your everyday life. For this purpose, the company makes sure that all products are manufactured in such a way that they can be used in multiple and different aspects of life. The modern methods and services ensure for the competitive advantage of the company provided that the last one is able to respond to every customized project, with the production of furniture of specialized demands.

Elegance Collection 2016 which is introduced in the catalogue, is the result of the collaboration with the internationally known and awarded industrial designer, Andreas Varotsos.

The Quality Management System of VERFO S.A has been audited and found to confirm to ISO:9001:2008 for  DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE OF FURNITURE



Certification No.790566