aRmonia RL

The aRmonia series which in the Greek language mean harmony represent exactly that. The largest of the series armchair with its majestic headrest offer total relaxation.

aRmonia RMR

It combines, in a unique matter, a few classic elements with contemporary forms, textures and materials giving a balanced and sophisticated result that can fit into almost any interior scene.

aRmonia RS

Perfect harmony in the lines just as its name indicates. Being the smallest of the series make it suitable to fit everywhere without having to compromise in comfort.


High standard comfort with a dynamic design that greets the body offering an upgraded version of geniality. Nova wins leading role in both a single man living room and in the lounge of an urban hotel.    


The curves at their best with renewed pop mood. As a generous hug the Candy armchair is the best meeting point for relaxed conversation, the perfect “shelter” to enjoy your book and the fulcrum for the next day plans.      


Rigorous lines with vintage references and modern approach for an armchair which gains successfully its presence in spaces with classic or minimal aesthetic. Moreover Vintage’s high back supports you every time you need to relax and feel comfortable.      


The difference is often arised by a detail and the armchair Drops base confirms absolutely this theory. A design philosophy which assures a snug experience and at the same time unique style in any decoration scene.  


Can a straight line be transformed into a comfortable armchair? Fold proves it through its smart design and flexible structure. For those looking for practicality in every option but also for a statement piece in a room with dynamic abstract silhouette resembling a sculpture.      


Set your mind free. You are the only one who is in control of your desires and needs. Comfort and coziness lie in free spirit. Let yourself fly far away without any worries and stressing thoughts.      


Geometrical completeness and round-shaped details give off relaxation and elegance. Chill out in the luxury of flawless ergonomics. Cone embraces your body and soul to the maximum.  


The effect of the ancient Cretan tradition is more than obvious; inspired by the horns of Minotaur, the Minos curvy shape is perfect when used to office spaces and waiting halls.      


Double cushions bring softness to the foreground. Chic and stylish, Pharaoh is found amongst the elite of armchairs.      

Nova NF

A new complimentary accessory for a pre-existing, best selling product, the Nova armchair.

aRmonia RF

The aRmonia series is designed in three different dimensions and can be accompanied by the matching rotary stool, thus making it ideal to suit any given space regardless the size.